Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yo guys! The 4th Nan Yang Cup result is out! I am very glad to say that our jj team has placed a 5th postion. I believe our players have tried their best, well done!

Nanyang Junior College
Qiu Jun Da
Lee Tze Yong 15
Chung Jia Kiat 28
Bryan Wang 16
Team Ranking 3

Hwa Chong ( Junior College )
Lim Jin Ming 3
Ng Yen Chuan 24
Tan Zhi Hao 25
Chia Wai Kian 33
Team Ranking 6

Singapore Poly
Adeline Koo 37
Tai Boon Siang 22
Liu Jun Hua 20
Ng Jia Hao 40
Team Ranking 9

Raffles Junior College
Nicholas Khaw 4
Liu Ren Jie 12
Zhang Yue 2
Edmund Chay 19
Team Ranking 2

Pioneer Junior College
Chang Jing 8
Tay Kuang Shao 23
Lee Yee Hwee 36
Yuan Yong Long 30
Team Ranking 7

Esmond Lim 39
Sun Cheng Long 32
Tan Yan Jie Edmond 29
Team Ranking 8

Jurong Junior College
Lee Shyh Wei 10
Gao Ri Sheng 14
Chen Xin Yan 21
Liang Li Shuo 27
Team Ranking 5

Nanyang Polytechnic
Liu Zhen Dong 31
Kenneth Koh 6
Yang Xiao Yu 17
Yeoh Yong Chen 13
Team Ranking 4

Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Tee Wen Bin 11
Tyron Lim Jia Qing 5
Ong Ke Ping 7
Liew Zhen Lu 9
Team Ranking 1

Tampinies Junior College
Kenneth Lim 35
Kenneth Tan 34
Wong Jing Kuan 38
Ye Zhao En 26
Team Ranking 10

6:42 PM

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear members,
There will be a "4th Nan Yang Cup 2010"
Date: 22th May 2010
Time: 830 am – 700 pm
Venue: i-space, Nanyang Junior College

Our representing members are:
Shyh Wei, Ri Sheng, Xin Yan and Li Shuo.

And a "25th Raffles Cup 2010"
Date: 7th to 9th June 2010
Time 8:30 am Starts on 7th,8th,9th June.

The competition helds 3 rounds per day and a final round on the last day. The prize presentation starts at 12 noon on 9th June.

Our representing members are:
Yun Fan, Xin Yan, Chen Zi and Jun Hao.
Reserves are Shyh wei and Franklin.

I'm looking forward to the competiton and, wish all the best for our players!!! JIA YOU! :D

Yun Fan

4:22 PM

Chess members of year 2010-2011

Zhang Yun Fan - Vice President
Chen Xin Yan - Secretary
Chen Zi - Treasurer
Gao Ri Sheng - Section Leader
Fu Jun Hao - Assistant Trainer
Zhang Zhi Xuan- Member
Zhang Zhu Quan- Member
Franklin - Member

4:15 PM

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello guys! I have made a new blog skin for our chess club! The previous one is international chess, which i think we should have a chinese chess blogskin! I put much effort into making it. Hope you guys like it ^^


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